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Find out more about brand and product protection and anti-counterfeit measures. Learn how your products can be protected and their brand value enhanced.


Find out more about brand & product protection

Are you facing any of the challenges described below and need help and guidance to implement a brand & product protection strategy? Please check out our FAQ below and learn how to protect your brand against counterfeiters.

Basic Information

What is Product and Brand Value Protection?

Product and brand value protection are combined and orchestrated measures that limit the ability of counterfeiters to bring falsified or stolen products onto the market. It is not limited to a channel and covers online marketplaces as well as traditional brick-and-mortars. Of even greater importance is the protection of sensitive information by eliminating security gaps in the relevant processes.


Product Protection categories of measures

All product and brand protection measures can be assigned to one of three categories. Legal measures comprise IP and brand registrations, prosecution and enforcement of rights etc. The process-related measures are those that deal with the integration, control and security of processes across internal and external stakeholders  to prevent the leakage of sensitive information.  Protection measures deal with the application of adequate product protection in the physical world but also with securing the rights in the cyber space by detecting infringing names, stores and offerings. The measures of the different categories are complementary and mutually reinforcing, and are of equal importance in your fight against counterfeiters.

As a marketer, what advantages do I get from product and brand protection?

Through intelligent utilization of data, product protection and marketing become complementary elements and not opposing forces, thus leveraging the benefit of investments in brand protection in marketing. The product flow, from production all the way to the customer’s hand, give you insights into unique market data that allows you to develop marketing-relevant knowledge. Anti-counterfeit measures demand a well thought-out, strategic approach. Product protection can be implemented visibly or out of view. Depending on the strategy, several interaction possibilities can be used to engage with the customers.

What kind of types or product protection solutions are there?

Most product protection solutions are based on a single feature. Whatever the feature is, it has a specific range of applicability which can be wider or more narrow, depending on the feature. In addition, features differ in the level of protection they provide as well as in how invasive they are to your existing processes in their use, application and recognition. While most of the solutions are isolated, significant advantages can be achieved form integrated solutions.

What kind of protection exists and how does product protection work?

Protection operates on a principle of securely confirming the existence of an authentic mark. A confusing variety of mechanisms exist. The mark applied to the product can be visible, or invisible, passive or active. Mechanisms may further differ in the way they can be verified: by consumers, experts or forensics, online or offline, digitally, visually by the customer or automatically and more. Our expertise is there to help you choose a tailor-made protection solution without having to evaluate features.

How do I recognize a fake?

The majority of counterfeits can be rather easily distinguished from a genuine product when both are compared side by side and you know which one is the original. Unfortunately, this is pretty seldom the case. Product protection and brand value protection solutions detect specific product features with which genuine products can be authenticated. If the product is not authenticated it might be a counterfeit.

How to start

How do I protect my brand?

In order to sustainably protect your brand, a bundle of coordinated measures are required. In addition to securing the underlying rights, the same steps are always used to build effective protection of your brand, independent of the marketplace: information on the situation, setting up of protective measures and enforcement of the law. These steps protect both online and physical marketplaces against counterfeiting, but just as important is the protection of relevant processes along the value chain.

How do I introduce product protection?

Criminals make an effort to produce almost identical counterfeits. To protect your product, you need two kinds of protection. You must actively protect the processes and data of everyone involved in the creation, packaging, transportation, distribution of the products, and you must use a feature that allows you to distinguish your product from counterfeits.

How do I create a brand protection strategy?

Once the underlying rights have been secured, the brand name will be defended in legal disputes. But this does not prevent the brand value from being undermined, as this depends on the consumer's sense of trust. That's why you need to focus your brand protection strategy on protecting the customer. You accomplish this by making sure that customers can rely on receiving the genuine product.

How do I communicate and market my brand and product protection?

Brand and product protection can start silently with the aim of gaining more information about the facts. Depending on the situation, verification information can be obtained via a customer loyalty program or active communication via values (Trust & Care) can be targeted. Communication is always a sensitive matter. Factors that help to define target-oriented communication are, for example, user groups who are to carry out the verifications, whether they are experts or consumers, as well as market features, customer awareness and brand loyalty.

How safe is the protection solution?

One should never forget that, as with any other security and protection solutions, there is no 100% reliability. The reliability of brand protection solutions depends on many factors. Such factors can be among other things, the technology used, the desired complexity to impediment imitations, the protection requirements, environmental influences and the handling by the verification users. Under all these conditions, the aim is to find a balance with which the greatest possible effect can be achieved in the fight against counterfeits to protect the value of the brand.

How can the originality of products be verified?

Product protection and brand value protection solutions recognize specifics on the product to authenticate genuine products. Depending on the marking technology, a specialized device or a smartphone device with a specialized app can be utilized. If the product can be authenticated, it indicates that product does meet one’s expectation of an original product. Otherwise it might be an expired, stolen or counterfeit product.


Fighting against counterfeits

We enable our clients to fight against counterfeiters and organized crime, protect their products and brand values and maintain and strengthen the trust in their brands & products. At all time we give you the driver seat in brand protection.

Our Holistic Solution Approach

Scalable and Easy to Implement

U-NICA Protection Circle©

The U-NICA Protection Circle© combines strategy, technology, operation and intelligence in one holistic approach. The result is a sustainable, scalable, lean and easy-to-implement process with systemic learning mechanisms.

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The strategy defines the overall goal for digital product and brand protection. Its boundaries are defined by region, product segment, time, integration and stakeholders. A sustainable strategy for protection against counterfeiting must be adaptable and plan future measures which are defined by insights gained from the analysis of real-time verification data such as distribution, markets, etc. The strategy also defines the level of protection, when and where protection solutions are introduced, whether and how protection is used for specific segments, which user groups are involved, and how to communicate with users and the market. 


To quickly adapt a strategy for product and brand protection, it is essential to choose the right technology from the scryptoTRACE® solution suite, based on a modular system with an open arquitecture. When choosing technology elements, the focus is on the level of protection, type of verification users and fast adaptation, to what extend to integrate with the environment of relevant stakeholders, processes and systems.



Our customers benefit from a lean and easy-to-implement solution with minimal invasive impact on current processes and procedures. The solution can be started small and easily scaled up, adapts fast to new situations and involves stakeholders and the desired user groups. The smooth operation does not require training staff for specific tasks, corporate changes or additional processes. Solutions are designed to be minimal invasive.


Every step has an impact and these dynamics have the potential to teach us a lot. You will gain real time insights through aggregated data derived from verification and authentication processes; through geo-location mapping you can identify counterfeit hotspots, grey market diffusion and leakages during distribution. The valuation of this data will also help decision-making for further product and brand protection measures.

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