Record unique fingerprints on any type of product or surface thanks to our surTRACE® technology so they can be authenticated anywhere in the world.

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What is surTRACE® about?

surTRACE allows you to give your products a unique fingerprint so they can be identified and authenticated anywhere in the world. As unique as a person's fingerprint is, that is the benchmark we want to achieve with a mix of identification tools.

It is also part of the most comprehensive anti-counterfeiting and brand value platform, our scryptoTRACE suite.

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Key Advantages of surTRACE®

Every raw material that has ever been processed into something that can be used contains small microscopic anomalies that exist naturally as well as those that are created by the machines. By recording the anomalies, our surTRACE technology will allow you and your customers to verify that a product was made in the factory of the correct manufacturer and where the material originally came from. Being able to verify if it is the right product, where it was made and if it complies with all relevant regulations guarantees trust and integrity at any stage of the supply chain.

As unique as a person's fingerprint is Every single item that is protected by surTRACE
has its own unique, random surface structure (PUF) that enables customers to authenticate the products they have received.
Safety measures The fingerprint is registered in a secure database or blockchain for billions of objects which makes it practically impossible to clone for counterfeiters.
Quickly check product authenticity Registered items can be identified securely and fast so that consumers can quickly check the authenticity of the products they have received.
Inconspicuous security measure

surTRACE can use any kind of surface  showing  natural random structure. That means, even the back-side of a painting or photo re-print or even the wooden picture frame can be used as a reference surface for the digital fingerprint.

Give your products a unique fingerprint thanks to our surTRACE® technology so you can track them anywhere in the world.

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