Unique invisible markers, taggants and inks


spectroTAG® is a range of taggants and inks that are completely invisible except to those in the know. Use spectroTAG products for almost any brand protection scenario and you’ll create a technical barrier that is effectively impossible for counterfeiters to replicate.

How it works

Our spectroTAG® markers are mixed into raw materials (e.g. plastic granules, printing inks, and lubricants) which are then processed as normal. The materials are non-toxic, non-abrasive and non-corrosive allowing production or printing of product artwork to continue as normal. You can also use spectroTAG® to add a further level of security to finished products using continuous inkjet printing.

See how it could work for you:

Integrate during or after production

It’s easy to integrate spectroTAG® inks into your raw materials or print them onto assembled or packaged products.

Use our reader or smartphone app to check products

You can easily identify authentic products with a small inexpensive reader that we provide for you, or you can use our intelligent reader with accompanying smartphone app. Using the app will also enable you to gather vital data on brand usage and product movements that you can use for market analysis.

Make markers invisible to all but those who know how to look for it

All spectroTAG solutions remain invisible to the naked eye – perfect for covert brand protection, because you can only read them using our special readers, with or without app.

Benefits for brand owners

  • Invisible to the naked eye and to other conventional verification devices
  • Can be integrated before, during or after production
  • Only tiny quantities of tracers needed to establish clear results
  • Provides quick yes/no authentication or can contain further machine-readable data
  • Suits any product or application