spectroTAG® - a part of plastoTRACETM suite

spectroTAG® is a physical product protection in the plastoTRACE™ suite family of solutions that is incorporated into the product itself, thus becoming an integrated product component. With this, the entire range from covert to forensic brand protection is covered for a multitude of materials. Alongside trademark protection for industrial products, this part of plastoTRACE™ suite is also particularly suited to use in governmental and supranational sectors. 

What is spectroTAG® about?

spectroTAG® is a range of taggants and inks that are completely invisible except to those that know about it. Use spectroTAG® products for almost any brand protection scenario and you’ll create a technical barrier that is effectively impossible for counterfeiters to replicate.

Our spectroTAG® markers are mixed into raw materials (e.g. plastic granules, printing inks, and lubricants), which are then processed as normal. The materials are non-toxic, non-abrasive and non-corrosive allowing production or printing of product artwork to continue as normal. You can also use spectroTAG® to add a further level of security to finished products using continuous inkjet printing.


More about spectroTAG

Key Advantages of spectroTAG®

spectroTAG® markers are easy to integrate as a non-affecting additive. This will be applied directly into the plastic molding process for plastic applications or into liquids for printing process (ink, varnish).

All our spectroTAG® markers are:

  • invisible to the naked eye and to other conventional verification devices
  • Can be integrated before, during or after production
  • Only tiny quantities of tracers are needed to establish clear results
  • Provides a simple and clear authentication and can be customized to provide machine-readable data for in-process tracking
  • Suits nearly any product or application without changing the production processes or the product properties and operating conditions
  • Can easily be combined with our or other security features to get a further boost to security
spectroTAG beads®

spectroTAG® beads are invisible taggants ideal for use in a variety of substrate and print applications. The beads are available in a variety of materials and colors to match your exact production, authentication and disposal requirements.

Workflow: implementing spectroTAG®

- spectroTAG® markers are adapted by our specialists according to your specific needs

- Markers are mixed into raw materials (e.g. plastic granules, printing inks or adhesives), which are then processed as normal

- Marked products enter the supply chain and are distributed as normal

- Where suspicion of counterfeit or gray market product movement arises, the covert markers are verified quickly and unambiguously using dedicated readers

Other available spectroTAG® derivates

spectroTAG® shift and spectroTAG® invisible are derivatives on request. They are formulated for advanced security solutions and will become integrated directly in your product design without changing it. These products will be offered on request, depending on your applicational needs.

Combined solutions

All spectroTAG® features can be used either alone or in combination with our other security features. Combinations offer a further boost to security and will give you a unique advanced framework, tailor-made to your situation and products.

Applied Solutions for Specific Industry Needs

Projects we have implemented allowed a diverse clientele to benefit from quick integration into their existing landscape. Beyond this, the solutions allow for a quick adaptation to changing needs such as easy upscale into further geographic regions, expansion to more products, to more user groups as well as continuously strengthen the protection. Thus sustainable boost of the brand value is achieved.

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