scryptoTRACE – easy layout management and brand protection

Layout Management Solution

scryptoTRACE is an easy-to-use and highly secure web-based solution for print layout management. It enables you to create and manage all the print artwork and security codes for your products in one intuitive package.

How it works

Easy to use

You create new layouts and code definitions on a single central system, so it’s easy to make sure all codes are up to date. Each new print layout takes just seconds to create and comes complete with a new marking. You can make sure you know which layouts are still active by marking old versions as either ‘expired’ or ‘cancelled’.

Highly secure

The system is web-based, and the portal is multi-lingual, which means you can work from anywhere in the world. There’s no need to send whole print artworks by unsecured email, and data upload and download is secure and protected. All transactions are traced in the product log file, and the whole system and all its data backs-up automatically, ensuring high data security and availability at all times.

Key benefits

  • Easy to create protected print layouts with a hidden embedded code
  • Create new marked layouts any time you choose: annually, with every new production batch, or whenever you need a new print layout carrying a new hidden code
  • All data are always up-to-date and easily available through the multi-lingual web-based portal
  • Data uploads and downloads are protected, and the whole system is backed-up automatically, ensuring high data security and availability at all times