The scryptoTRACE verification app

Easy product verification with a smartphone or tablet

The scryptoTRACE® product verification app enables you to empower anyone with a smartphone or tablet to check the authenticity of your products.

Researchers, inspectors or consumers can verify products and collect data for you, enabling you to quickly identify forgeries or gray market products. All the information is stored on a central server, so you can also analyze the data to identify local trouble spots, optimize counter measures and put new counter measures in place.

The server also provides updates to the mobile app and makes sure any changes to codes are synchronized instantly.  Users can work on or offline. Even when there’s no mobile network connection, they can get the verification result immediately, then transmit the data to the server when the next connection is available.

See how scryptoTRACE could work for you:

Scan and verify products with smartphones
Your agents or partners verify products using a smartphone app that scans for unique markers (invisible-to-the-eye modifications that we make to your product layout). The app also verifies text or numbers using optical character recognition and can also read product barcodes. Each verification result contains the name of the product, time stamp, GEO tag and the identity of the verification user.

Get the verification data sent straight to a central server

The data your users gather is transmitted automatically to the central scryptoTRACE server, which stores details of all your artwork and hidden product codes. You can then cross-reference verification results with other product information you hold. This information could contain details such as place and time of manufacture, storage locations, intended sales channels or expiry information. scryptoTRACE analytical data gives you a complete global picture of product movements.

Control access to sensitive data
All access to sensitive data is controlled by user and role-based permissions. You can easily deploy the app through the App Store or Google Play to customers, supply chain agents or field agents – use it as part of an ongoing investigation, spot-check or incorporate it as part of a marketing campaign.

Get real-time data, presented the way you need it

By aggregating data, scryptoTRACE offers deep insight into the extent of counterfeit activity in real time. You can display and analyze data graphically or visually in multiple ways by product locations, trends, regions, user demographics and industries.

Key benefits

  • Easy to use smartphone/tablet app that works on and offline
  • Authenticates products instantly whether you have a connection or not
  • Gathers a wealth of global data for analysis
  • Stores everything centrally and synchronizes instantly