End-to-End brand protection and management solution

scryptoTRACE® suite

scryptoTRACE® is an end-to-end brand protection and management solution that includes a unique smartphone app to verify genuine and fake products, packaging and labels and to interact with the users in the field.

The solution contains a base system platform with several standard software modules. The solution can be tailored to the specific demand of a customer, and modules such as market analytics, serialization, track and trace, print layout management and more can be applied optionally.  

Deployment of the app in the field give our customer real-time analytics concerning product verifications, counterfeit and gray market product movement. The app scans for unique hidden product codes invisible to the naked eye and enables immediate verification of products, wherever they may be.

scryptoTRACE® contains a copy detection module - a world novelty - to reliably distinguish between a genuine product and a copy.

Detailed verification data are sent automatically to a central server, so you can also use the data you gather for intelligent real-time insight into global counterfeit activity.

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Discover what scryptoTRACE suite can do for you

smartphone app

The scryptoTRACE® product verification app enables you to empower anyone with a smartphone or tablet to check the authenticity of your products on- and offline. 

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Real Time
Brand insights

The scryptoTRACE® server stores verification results in a central location, enabling you to carry out detailed analysis and evaluation of your brand protection programmes.

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Print Layout

Discover an easy-to-use and highly secure web-based solution for print layout management – create and manage all the print artwork and security codes for your products in one intuitive package.

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Copy Detection

scryptoTRACE® allows to detect copies instantly – a world first.

Through or smart algorythm and image processing methods we are able to distinguish your genuine products from counterfeits, copies from originals and look alikes.

A strong solution unique to the market.

Box Genuine
Box Copy

Safety Product Code

For industrial solutions we also provide a non-cloneable safety code. Opposite to copy detection, which is using the design of the packaging, the code is added to the package or label.

The non-cloneable safety code integrates QR code and several hidden digital security features in one powerful code. The safety code can be easily verified with our scryptoTRACE® app and used within our scryptoTRACE® suite.

The code is ideally applied where alteration of product design plays a minor role. The safety product code is absolutly reliable, safe and cannot be copied

Genuine non- cloneable code
Copied non- cloneable code

Technical solution

It’s easy to implement scryptoTRACE® to your current systems – the encoding is applied to packaging or branding artwork files at pre-press – supporting all kind of standard printing processes. The system works via proprietary Digital Text encoding markers invisible to the human eye. We then use a hi-tech image analysis algorithm to detect the encoding on the product packaging instantaneously via smartphones. No image transfer to the server is required to conduct a verification.

The verification process is a simple three-step process and takes less than three seconds – all in an offline environment. Data are then transmitted over an encrypted network to the server at the next available connection. Verification can also be tracked and monitored in real-time, offering up-to-the-minute reports of the status of field workers, criminal targets or insight into fraudulent activity. Data can be extracted in CSV format for upload into data analysis programs.

Benefits for brand owners

  • Track the movement of authentic and counterfeit goods offline
  • Get real-time insight into gray market activity
  • Identify problematic suppliers or locations quickly
  • Adapt brand protection strategies based on real-time insights
  • Accurately deploy investigation field workers to problem areas
  • Monitor field workers’ or investigation service providers’ performance