scryptoTRACE® suite

The scryptoTRACE® suite provides the architecture, the building blocks and methods which allow you to start with an initial project for one product in one market or region and scale up later. 

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What is scryptoTRACE® suite about?

scryptoTRACE® is the holistic brand protection solution incorporating the building blocks to rapidly apply tailor-made solutions for specific needs. It has an open server, architected to allow active management of your brand protection measures, to integrate with other enterprise systems and new and foreign marking and recognition technologies. It is supplemented with a unique smartphone app for product verification, authentication and user engagement. Detailed real-time information allows well-founded decisions to plan the next step.

scryptoTRACE® suite

Each of our solutions are scalable and intuitive to use with a smartphone. There is no longer a need for special equipment, such as RFID readers, microscopes or UV lamps, to verify your product is genuine.


Thanks to our services, you will be able to monitor your products on the grey market, manage print artworks and secure your label order process.


With our easy-to-implement components, you are able to embed our solution into your existing processes without friction costs.

Key Advantages of our scryptoTRACE® suite

Counterfeits will probably never disappear completely, but can only be limited to a tolerable level. A single protection mechanism will not last forever and has only a limited effect. With this in mind, we have developed unique capabilities to introduce sustainable brand value and product protection solutions, with the ability to start small, grow easily and maintain long-term protection.
This establishes a continuous process that achieves sustainable protection through the knowledge gained from the verification results of previous cycles and targeted further measures based on these. This process leads to what we call systemic learning.
You may think big, but want to start small and scale up You may start with an initial project focused on one product in one market or region and scale up later until all products in all markets or regions are covered.
Simple to integrate You are able to integrate our solutions with your environment and embed it with your existing processes hassle-free.
Fast adaptation You can adapt rapidly to changing market conditions and increased demands of protection, thus sustainably maintaining your product and brand protection.
Scale when you’re ready Thanks to the open technology, the same solution can be tailored to protect a broad range of products across a variety of scenarios, countries and regions without worries.
Built with intelligence inside With the analysis of acquired real-time verification data we provide you with in-depth insights that support well-informed decisions for further measures to stay ahead of counterfeiters.
Engage with customers just as you want Leverage your protection measures by deciding when, where, what, with whom and how much to engage with your customers - all at your discretion

End-to-end brand protection and management solution

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The scryptoTRACE® suite will allow you implement scalable brand protection solutions.

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