plastoTRACETM suite

plastoTRACETM suite is the U-NICA solution for intelligent physical product protection. These protection technologies will be integrated directly into the products. So, permanently the product will get its own kind of security layer.

What is plastoTRACETM suite about?

The implementation of the security features of the plastoTRACETM suite is good for a broad range of substrates, but mainly for plastics material in overt, covert up to forensic quality. It divides into intraGRAM® and spectroTAG® as well-established, patented security technologies. These elements of a security layer are real-time integrated in your plastic product via a standard molding process.

We closely work together with a Nobel-Prize winning laser institute in Germany; hence the technological barrier is very high. Our solution is suitable for mass production, fully secured by patents and continuously under development.

All our physical solutions can be combined to get a further boost of security.

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Applied Solutions for Specific Industry Needs

Projects we have implemented allowed a diverse clientele to benefit from quick integration into their existing landscape. Beyond this, the solutions allow for a quick adaptation to changing needs such as easy upscale into further geographic regions, expansion to more products, to more user groups as well as continuously strengthen the protection. Thus sustainable boost of the brand value is achieved.

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Our relentless pursuit to perfection enables us to provide practical and sustainable solutions targeted to effectively combat product counterfeiting. Thus we provide continuous services to those changes the customers may face.

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