intraGRAM® - a part of plastoTRACETM suite

intraGRAM® is a physical product protection in the plastoTRACE™ suite family of solutions that is directly introduced into the product via injection moulding, thereby becoming an integrated product component. 

What is intraGRAM® about?

Holographic effects are usually only used on labels and packaging. Our intraGRAM® solution takes things a step further. We enable you to embed traditional holographic effects directly into your product design during the injection molding process. It is a highly efficient and secure way to check authenticity throughout the lifetime of a product.

intraGRAM® works on simple principles of physics. We embed nano-structured, patterned plastic products that diffract white light and produce a rainbow effect. No further steps are necessary – no printing, no painting and no drying. The intraGRAM® feature is created entirely at the pace of production; we provide specially treated inserts with the motifs that are transferred during molding. Once molded, the product is ready to go.


More about intraGRAM

Key Advantages of intraGRAM®

intraGRAM® appears as a multicolor rainbow effect on an otherwise plain injection-molded plastic part. There is no need for specialist detection equipment.

intraGRAM® is visible to the naked eye and

  • It is an integrated security element
  • Cannot be removed like packaging or labels
  • No need for specialist detection equipment
  • It is green, clean and cost effective in-process technology

We oversee the entire integration process, from design to the manufacture of the intraGRAM® inserts. Our experienced engineers steer the production and ensure the end product is delivered to the highest quality standards.

Simple to integrate

You can integrate the intraGRAM® insert into any new or existing injection molding tool. The entire process from design and origination of the optical effect down to the manufacture of the intraGRAM® inserts is overseen by our brand protection experts. Our experienced engineers steer production and ensure the highest quality standards throughout the process and in your end product.

Fast and reliable production

Production can start as soon as the intraGRAM® insert is placed into the molding tool. intraGRAM® creates the holographic structures during the injection molding process. There is no need for additional foils or films, which also means no waste or clean-up, eliminating the cost and complexity of using holographic labels.

Lifetime product protection

Unlike conventional holographic features, intraGRAM® is integrated into the substrate, and is non-removable and non-transferable onto another product(s). For added security, intraGRAM® can also be equipped with additional advanced optical effects, covert features and dynamic holographic structures.

Verify instantly and easily

You can recognize intraGRAM® features immediately with just the naked eye. The striking colored effect is unmistakable under ambient light, making sure your products are clearly protected. Advanced optical effects, covert features and dynamic holographic structures can be easily added, depending on your needs.

Applied Solutions for Specific Industry Needs

Projects we have implemented allowed a diverse clientele to benefit from quick integration into their existing landscape. Beyond this, the solutions allow for a quick adaptation to changing needs such as easy upscale into further geographic regions, expansion to more products, to more user groups as well as continuously strengthen the protection. Thus sustainable boost of the brand value is achieved.

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