A passively controlled cash system preserving desired features of cash while preventing vulnerabilities.

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What is cashTRACE® about?

cashTRACE makes it possible to verify the validity of any banknote. This is done by capturing the microscopic imperfections in the printed material through high resolution images. These images are then converted into a unique fingerprint and stored in a database. When the authenticity of a banknote needs to be checked, its fingerprint is the only thing that needs to be verified with the database.

It is also part of the most comprehensive anti-counterfeiting and brand value platform, our scryptoTRACE suite.

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Key Advantages of cashTRACE®

The cashTRACE system does not only circumvent all security-relevant complications of contemporary cash, in particular banknotes, but to systematically solve them. The AI-driven cashTRACE system offers the opportunity for a radical change that will solve the countless problems with one single but well-grounded system. The technology consists of a sophisticated composition that connects the advantages of different technologies and incorporates them in an encompassing level of security.

Invisible and affordable security feature

The digital nature does not need physical prerequisites on the banknote. The production process of bank note registration does not require expensive enhancements. Overall, cost is in the range of other security features.

Applicable for all banknotes

As long as the banknote is usable it can be validated, scanned and registered with cashTRACE. No physical prerequisites are needed other than registration of banknote at production.

Optimal cash flow monitoring in real time

No shortages in cashflow logistic due to wrong assumptions of actual demand. cashTRACE provides all ledger changes in almost real time.

Use of smartphone app

The smartphone app includes everyone to check validity of any banknote that has been registered previously, no matter where and at which social level. Value-added services support handicapped persons, such as recognition of banknotes for the blind.

Utilize the fingerprints on banknotes to determine authenticity through our cashTRACE® technology

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