Fighting the market in counterfeit goods


A significant proportion of international trade is in counterfeit merchandise. Estimates place the value of counterfeit trade at upwards of USD 1.5 trillion. That covers revenue from lost sales as well as immeasurable costs in reputation damage to established brands. Trademarks, copyright, designs and patents are ignored in the search for a quick profit. We can help.

Why is counterfeiting becoming such a big problem?

Counterfeiting goes beyond cheap handbags on auction websites, street-side watches, or perfume at a market stall. Supply chains are infiltrated by cheaper, sub-standard alternatives from unknown or non-trusted suppliers. This happens under the nose of the producer, and the consumer ends up with substandard products.

Whether cheap copies or high-level replicas, one thing is clear; counterfeit goods divert revenue from rights holders, while criminals profit.

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Our Solution

Incorporating features in your genuine products help to objectively distinguish them from fakes. Technology is a key factor here; the more sophisticated a solution, the more difficult it will be to copy.

Equipping original products with brand protection features is invaluable. These features provide simple and unambiguous proof of a product‘s authenticity. This proof of originality is simply added to a product – in fact, just as easily as expiry dates or batch codes. Brand protection can become part of your product’s brand.

Tracers include hologram stickers, an invisible marker, or digital markers. The most important thing is that the solution can be identified before, during or after the point-of-sale.

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