scryptoTRACE® ultra Brochure

scryptoTRACE® ultra is a comprehensive brand verification and protection solution that adds authentication to your machine-readable codes.

Download the scryptoTRACE® ultra Brochure

Deploy the scryptoTRACE® ultra product verification app and you can empower anyone with a smartphone or tablet to check the authenticity of your products.
Your benefits are transparency on your product in markets, during distribution and in retail, protection of your brands and the ability to make fact-based decisions for the next best action.
scryptoTRACE® ultra is minimal invasive, easy and quick to apply and an initial step into a continuous cycle of anti-counterfeit measures, sustainable brand protection, product protection and customer protection.

How scryptoTRACE® ultra works

  • Upload a product packaging design including a barcode to the U-NICA web server
  • U-NICA incorporates the invisible scryptoTRACE® ultra protection into the product’s barcode 
  • Verify the product package with the scryptoTRACE® ultra app 
  • Get deep insight into product distribution and counterfeits across multiple markets 
  • Adapt your brand protection strategy and initiate counter measures, deliberately and effectively