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Brand protection and supply chain security is becoming increasingly important to businesses in all sectors. Threats range from international counterfeiting operations, to the ‘insiders’ that contaminate both your production and supply chain operations.

We enable you to counter these efforts with a comprehensive range of serialization, anti-counterfeit, anti-diversion and real-time market analysis solutions.

Whatever your market, we’ve got the products and the experience to help. 

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Find out more about the markets and products we help to protect:


Supply chain security threats are a greater risk to healthcare products than to almost any other industry. We take this responsibility seriously and provide high levels of security to protect consumers from unsafe copies. We also help manufacturers to distinguish their products from cheap imitations and guarantee safe revenues.


Counterfeited spare parts are not only bad for manufacturers, they’re a real danger to the motorists that buy them.  We provide simple yet highly efficient security features to protect both revenues and lives. Our solutions can’t be forged and can be easily integrated into the production process of manufacturers.


Semiconductors are the intelligence inside critically-important electronic systems – including healthcare, military and aerospace systems. Counterfeit and illegally recycled semiconductor components pose major risks to the health and security of people worldwide. We can help you counter this activity by tracking, authenticating and monitoring components through all segments of the supply chain.


Mass market consumer goods have long been a target for counterfeiting, diversion and theft. We help FMCG companies to fight back with creative security solutions that can be integrated both in products and along the supply chain.

Food and Beverage

Food and beverage is under threat more and more by counterfeited products containing unhealthy or dangerous ingredients. Consumers want transparency and safety when they buy products to protect their health or even lives. We provide solutions that help to reduce your risk exposure to liabilities and give your consumers more safety when they buy your products.


Sometimes it’s not possible to equip individual products with security features directly, so it’s often important to focus on the packaging too. We work with packaging suppliers across the world to make sure that multi-level protection features can be integrated in every element of the packaging during transportation and storage, giving you even more control over your supply chain.