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Discover essential brand protection insights and U-NICA's tailored solutions for the medical devices industry, ensuring security, compliance, and trust among customers, partners, and regulators.

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Here, we explore the latest developments and best practices for protecting the integrity and reputation of medical device brands.

Our Mission with Regard to Medical Devices and Brand Protection

U-NICA is committed to securing the medical devices industry through cutting-edge brand protection solutions. We combat counterfeiting and other threats to ensure product safety, compliance, and brand integrity, fostering trust and supporting the advancement of global healthcare.

Medical Devices Brand Protection: Frequently Asked Questions

Are you facing any of the challenges described below and need help and guidance to implement a brand & product protection strategy? Please check out our FAQ below and learn how to protect your brand against counterfeiters.

Why is brand protection important in the medical devices industry?

Brand protection is crucial in the medical devices industry because counterfeit or substandard products can jeopardize patient safety and harm a brand's reputation. Effective brand protection measures help maintain trust among customers, partners, and regulators.

What challenges are unique to the medical devices industry in terms of brand protection?

The medical devices industry faces specific challenges such as complex global supply chains, stringent regulatory requirements, intellectual property infringement, and rapidly evolving technology that may be exploited by counterfeiters.

How does U-NICA address the brand protection needs of the medical devices industry?

U-NICA offers tailored solutions, including anti-counterfeiting technology, IP protection, supply chain security, and online brand protection, specifically designed to meet the unique challenges faced by the medical devices industry.

What types of anti-counterfeiting technologies does U-NICA provide for medical devices?

U-NICA provides a range of anti-counterfeiting technologies, such as digital product passports, holographic security labels, QR codes, serialization, and digital watermarking, to help safeguard medical devices from counterfeiting.

What are the online brand protection services offered by U-NICA for the medical devices industry?

Protection operates on a principle of securely confirming the existence of an authentic mark. A confusing variety of mechanisms exist. The mark applied to the product can be visible, or invisible, passive or active. Mechanisms may further differ in the way they can be verified: by consumers, experts or forensics, online or offline, digitally, visually by the customer or automatically and more. Our expertise is there to help you choose a tailor-made protection solution without having to evaluate features.

What are the potential consequences of medical devices being counterfeited for manufacturers, healthcare providers, and patients?

The counterfeiting of medical devices can have severe consequences, including compromised patient safety due to substandard products, financial losses for manufacturers, reputational damage to brands, increased liability for healthcare providers, and erosion of trust in the overall healthcare system.

Can U-NICA help with regulatory compliance in the medical devices industry?

While U-NICA primarily focuses on brand protection, our solutions can support medical device manufacturers in meeting regulatory compliance requirements by ensuring product authentication, traceability, and supply chain security.

How can I get started with U-NICA's brand protection solutions for the medical devices industry?

To get started, reach out to our medical devices brand protection specialists through the provided contact information or fill out the consultation request form on our webpage.

Can U-NICA's brand protection solutions be customized for different types and sizes of medical device companies?

Yes, U-NICA's solutions are scalable and can be tailored to fit the unique requirements and specific challenges faced by medical device companies of all types and sizes, ensuring optimal protection for each individual brand.

Our Holistic Solution Approach

Scalable and Easy to Implement

U-NICA Protection Circle©

The U-NICA Protection Circle© combines strategy, technology, operation and intelligence in one holistic approach. The result is a sustainable, scalable, lean and easy-to-implement process with systemic learning mechanisms.

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The strategy defines the overall goal for digital product and brand protection. Its boundaries are defined by region, product segment, time, integration and stakeholders. A sustainable strategy for protection against counterfeiting must be adaptable and plan future measures which are defined by insights gained from the analysis of real-time verification data such as distribution, markets, etc. The strategy also defines the level of protection, when and where protection solutions are introduced, whether and how protection is used for specific segments, which user groups are involved, and how to communicate with users and the market. 


To quickly adapt a strategy for product and brand protection, it is essential to choose the right technology from the scryptoTRACE® solution suite, based on a modular system with an open arquitecture. When choosing technology elements, the focus is on the level of protection, type of verification users and fast adaptation, to what extend to integrate with the environment of relevant stakeholders, processes and systems.



Our customers benefit from a lean and easy-to-implement solution with minimal invasive impact on current processes and procedures. The solution can be started small and easily scaled up, adapts fast to new situations and involves stakeholders and the desired user groups. The smooth operation does not require training staff for specific tasks, corporate changes or additional processes. Solutions are designed to be minimal invasive.


Every step has an impact and these dynamics have the potential to teach us a lot. You will gain real time insights through aggregated data derived from verification and authentication processes; through geo-location mapping you can identify counterfeit hotspots, grey market diffusion and leakages during distribution. The valuation of this data will also help decision-making for further product and brand protection measures.

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