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Discover vital luxury brand protection insights and U-NICA's bespoke anti-counterfeit solutions for the luxury goods industry, ensuring authenticity, reliability, and trust among discerning customers, partners, and regulatory bodies.

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In this blog, dive into U-NICA's examination of emerging trends and leading strategies for protecting luxury brand value and prestige with our comprehensive anti-counterfeit solutions tailored for the high-end goods industry.

Our Mission with Regard to Luxury Goods and Brand Protection

U-NICA is dedicated to fortifying the luxury goods industry with advanced brand protection methods. We address counterfeiting and related hazards, ensuring authenticity, regulatory compliance, and brand prestige, instilling confidence in upscale high-end products.

Luxury Industry Brand Protection: Frequently Asked Questions

Are you facing any of the challenges described below and need help and guidance to implement a brand & product protection strategy? Please check out our FAQ below and learn how to protect your brand against counterfeiters.

What is brand protection in the luxury goods industry?

Brand protection involves safeguarding luxury brands' intellectual property, reputation, and products from counterfeiting, infringement, and other illicit activities, ultimately preserving their integrity, value, and customer trust.

Why is brand protection crucial for luxury goods?

Luxury goods are often targeted by counterfeiters due to their high value and appeal. Brand protection ensures product authenticity, customer satisfaction, and maintains the brand's reputation and exclusivity.

Why is traceability important for luxury goods protection?

Traceability enables brands to track the movement of products throughout the supply chain, ensuring authenticity, facilitating the identification of counterfeit goods, and maintaining a secure and compliant process.

Why is sustainability important for luxury brand protection?

Embracing sustainability in production, packaging, and business operations not only appeals to environmentally conscious consumers but also helps protect the brand's image and reputation, ensuring long-term success and customer loyalty.

What strategies can luxury brands implement to combat counterfeiting?

Brands can invest in advanced authentication technologies, conduct regular market monitoring, collaborate with law enforcement, and educate consumers on how to identify genuine products.

How can consumers spot fake luxury goods?

Consumers can learn to spot fake luxury goods by examining product details, packaging, pricing, and purchase locations, and verifying the authenticity through brand websites or authentication technologies.

Can U-NICA's solutions be integrated into existing brand protection strategies?

Yes, U-NICA's solutions can be seamlessly integrated into a luxury brand's current brand protection framework, enhancing their overall effectiveness.

What kind of support does U-NICA provide to luxury brands?

U-NICA offers comprehensive support, including consultation, solution implementation, training, and ongoing monitoring, to ensure the effectiveness of their brand protection strategies.

Can U-NICA's brand protection solutions adapt to the evolving threats facing the luxury goods industry?

Yes, U-NICA continuously monitors trends and threats in the luxury goods industry, refining and updating its solutions to address emerging challenges and protect clients' brands effectively.

What sets U-NICA apart from other brand protection service providers?

U-NICA offers tailored solutions, cutting-edge authentication technologies, and comprehensive support, backed by years of experience in the luxury goods industry, making them a trusted partner in brand protection.

Our Holistic Solution Approach

Scalable and Easy to Implement

U-NICA Protection Circle©

The U-NICA Protection Circle© combines strategy, technology, operation and intelligence in one holistic approach. The result is a sustainable, scalable, lean and easy-to-implement process with systemic learning mechanisms.

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The strategy defines the overall goal for digital product and brand protection. Its boundaries are defined by region, product segment, time, integration and stakeholders. A sustainable strategy for protection against counterfeiting must be adaptable and plan future measures which are defined by insights gained from the analysis of real-time verification data such as distribution, markets, etc. The strategy also defines the level of protection, when and where protection solutions are introduced, whether and how protection is used for specific segments, which user groups are involved, and how to communicate with users and the market. 


To quickly adapt a strategy for product and brand protection, it is essential to choose the right technology from the scryptoTRACE® solution suite, based on a modular system with an open arquitecture. When choosing technology elements, the focus is on the level of protection, type of verification users and fast adaptation, to what extend to integrate with the environment of relevant stakeholders, processes and systems.



Our customers benefit from a lean and easy-to-implement solution with minimal invasive impact on current processes and procedures. The solution can be started small and easily scaled up, adapts fast to new situations and involves stakeholders and the desired user groups. The smooth operation does not require training staff for specific tasks, corporate changes or additional processes. Solutions are designed to be minimal invasive.


Every step has an impact and these dynamics have the potential to teach us a lot. You will gain real time insights through aggregated data derived from verification and authentication processes; through geo-location mapping you can identify counterfeit hotspots, grey market diffusion and leakages during distribution. The valuation of this data will also help decision-making for further product and brand protection measures.

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