Core competence out of one hand

The best of two worlds

U-NICA offers the best of two worlds, physical and digital security, in one place with modular flexibility and interchangeability for our customers.

Our off-the-shelf and easily scalable brand protection solutions help brands and their retailers and customers verify and authenticate products, packaging and labels on- and offline in real time.

Our end-to-end solutions allow brands to manage their product market distribution, analyze illicit product trade and monitor counterfeiting hot spots throughout their distribution and supply chain, up to the point of sale, and to collect valuable information about revenue loss, brand risk exposure and necessary counter measurement programs.


Robust covert and copy-prooven digital end-to-end brand protection and brand management solution based on smartphone technology.

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Prooven brand protection solutions for overt, covert and forensic marking and authentication of products, substrates, plastics, varnishes, coatings, inks, paper, packaging and labels.

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