The scryptoTRACE server – real time product monitoring and analysis

Brand Insight

The scryptoTRACE® server gathers verification results in a central location, enabling you to carry out detailed analysis and evaluation of your brand protection programs.

How it works

When you use the scryptoTRACE product verification app, each verification result includes valuable information, including user, time of verification and location (GEO-tag). The scryptoTRACE server allows you to store, analyze and visualize all this information, giving you a complete up-to-date picture of global product movements that can also be used by logistics, marketing and sales.

All results are available on a web-based portal that you can access anywhere with a few simple clicks. Data sent from the field synchronizes automatically, and you can filter it by country, product, time or user. This creates a real-time view of your products that you and your colleagues can act on immediately.  

It’s easy to present the statistics using the inbuilt filtering functions, and you can also refine and export data sets to other applications for further analysis.

Key benefits

  • Analyze where your products really are
  • Enhance your analysis with regional code variations
  • Optimise product protection investment and distribution chains with a fact-based action
  • Eliminate counterfeiting hotspots