Security for offline identification


nanoTRACE® is a document protection and verification system that includes an easy-to-use smartphone verification app. nanoTRACE® provides instant verification of official identity documents, even when they have undergone heavy usage. This makes nanoTRACE® ideal for border control, law enforcement and even commercial entities that rely on secure identification.

How it works

During the production of identity documents, personalization data is encrypted and stored within the portrait image. Images and text can then be verified using a smartphone or passport reader. Manipulation or alteration of the printed data, such as text editing or photo substitution is obvious, ensuring high levels of security are maintained. Authentication with nanoTRACE® works offline without the need to be connected to a database and without electronic chip. 

Suitable to print using standard printing processes, including thermo transfer, laser and inkjet; the process guarantees excellent image quality every time.

See how could work for you:

nanoTRACE® establishes a reliable link between the holder’s portrait image and the unique data on identity documents, making it secure against tampering. nanoTRACE® can be applied to any new or existing document layout.

Inline data protection as documents are created

During the production of an identity document, the personalization data are encrypted and stored in the portrait image.

Invisible and robust document protection

nanoTRACE® is invisible to the naked eye and unrecognizable to counterfeiters. During verification, the hidden information is extracted from the portrait image and compared with the personalization data printed on the document. Thus, even minor tampering is recognized.

Smartphone verification or state-of-the-art document readers

nanoTRACE® is ideal for field verification with smartphones and tablets. nanoTRACE® verification software can also be easily integrated into existing verification equipment.

Benefits for brand owners

  • Easy verification using a smartphone app
  • Robust and reliable even after heavy usage of the document
  • Seamless integration into existing client systems and in-house software
  • Suitable for new and existing document Layouts
  • Offline verification - no need to be connected to the Internet