Security elements integrated in the product


Holographic effects are usually used only on labels and packaging. Our intraGRAM® solution takes things a step further. We enable you to embed traditional holographic effects directly into your product design during the injection molding process. It’s a highly efficient and secure way to check authenticity throughout the lifetime of a product.

How it works

intraGRAM® works on simple principles of physics. We embed nano-structured patterns plastic products that diffract white light and produce a rainbow effect. No further steps are necessary – no printing, no painting and no drying. The intraGRAM® feature is created entirely at the pace of production; we provide specially treated inserts with the motifs that are transferred during molding. Once molded, the product is ready to go.

See how intraGRAM could work for you:

Choose from two production options

Option 1: Send your injection molding insert to us. We will process it and deliver it back exactly as you have specified.

Option 2:  Send us your master molds. We’ll process them and deliver them back to you with integrated nano-structures. You can then integrate the intraGRAM insert in a new or existing injection molding tool.

Check for authenticity with your own eyes

intraGRAM® appears as a multicolor rainbow effect on an otherwise plain injection-molded plastic part. It’s visible to the naked eye and there’s no need for specialist detection equipment.

Leave everything else to us

We oversee the entire integration process, from design to the manufacture of the intraGRAM® inserts. Our experienced engineers steer the production and ensure the end product is delivered to the highest quality standards.

Benefits for brand owners

  • Integrated security element
  • Can’t be removed like packaging or labels
  • No need for specialist detection equipment
  • Clean and cost effective inline technology