Total brand protection

U-NICA's security products

U-NICA brand security products cover the entire spectrum of anti-counterfeiting and anti-diversion activity, giving you everything you need for a transparent supply chain and distribution network. Our covert and overt security markers work well in small or large batches and combine easily with almost any material without changing any of your product's properties.

Empower your agents, product managers and supply-chain team to identify your original goods instantly and definitively. We help you gather the crucial intelligence that will enable you to make smarter decisions about your brand protection strategy.

See what our products can do for you:


Identify forgeries easily and get a transparent real-time picture of your products across all supply chains and markets. With detailed statistical data always available for analysis, scryptoTRACE means you can investigate the movement of forged goods or gray market imports.

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Make your brand protection measures a feature of your product design. intraGRAM is an innovative alternative to hologram stickers that you can integrate creatively into plastic product design, delivering eye-catching rainbow effects that users can identify easily.

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Protect any kind of product and packaging discreetly. The spectroTAG family comprises covert product protection features that can be applied to meet all needs. Our markers, taggants and inks are completely invisible to the human eye and can be detected using our special readers only.

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Empower authenticators within government and commerce. With nanoTRACE, identity documents can be easily verified using a smart phone or tablet.

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