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WFSGI Magazine 40years — Cutting Edge Digital Brand Protection


In a globalized sourcing and distribution world, counterfeiting has been an ever-growing concern of most global brands. The sporting goods industry has been amongst the first to use the benefits but also the one having been...

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U-NICA implements scryptoTRACE industry solution in South East Asia


The Swiss brand protection provider U-NICA, after its successful implementation of scryptoTRACE security solutions for well-known brands, has now established a brand protection solution for the entire Healthcare industry of a...

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U-NICA provides scryptoTRACE solution for smart security labels in India


The Swiss brand protection provider U-NICA Group and the Bangalore anti- counterfeiting solutions provider Jupiter Technologies have been working successfully together for the past two years in providing smart security labels to...

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U-NICA will increasingly concentrate on product and consumer protection in the future, and is therefore withdrawing from biotech


The Swiss based U-NICA corporation is experiencing high market demand for its Physical and Digital Security Solutions and has decided to sell its Biotech Manufacturing in Germany to fully focus its resources and activities on...

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U-NICA introduces a hidden and uncopiable security code to the market – a world first


The Swiss brand protection provider U-NICA has, after years of research, invented an invisible digital security code for packaging and labels, using different leading-edge image processing methods and algorithms that cannot be...

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U-NICA has been elected a partner for protecting the environment and endangered species


The Swiss brand protection provider U-NICA has been elected a partner for a digital track & trace industry solution for endangered species based on its innovative...

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U-NICA presented a brand new solution


U-NICA presented a brand new solution for consumer engagement inexclusive preview at the Swiss Pavilion at CeBIT opening last Monday Created in 2004, U-NICA, the Swiss company based in Malans has been from the beginning...

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