U-NICA provides scryptoTRACE solution for smart security labels in India


The Swiss brand protection provider U-NICA Group and the Bangalore anti- counterfeiting solutions provider Jupiter Technologies have been working successfully together for the past two years in providing smart security labels to the Indian market. Starting in 2017, the partners began supplying the 2-Wheeler manufacturer Bajaj Auto with security labels for spare parts, incorporating U-NICA’s digital scryptoTRACE® security code.

"Emerging markets like India are highly exposed to counterfeiting activities. In a joint initiative and successful local partnership in India, we have developed a smart security label with overt and covert physical security elements. In incorporating invisible scryptoTRACE® encoding it links the physical world to the digital community through our scryptoTRACE® platform,” says Alfred Rutz, CEO of the U-NICA group. The combined physical and digital solution offers Bajaj Auto, a leading motorcycle manufacturer, a high level of protection and full digital market transparency about its distribution in India and for their global exports.

The scalable brand management solution scryptoTRACE® suite ensures comprehensive, global anti-counterfeiting protection and market visibility of genuine and fake parts. Hidden security elements are introduced into packaging or labels and are detected simply and inexpensively by an app anywhere, anytime, even if the user is offline. Company inspectors, employees, customs authorities and even consumers collect data, allowing manufacturers to identify counterfeits and parallel imports. Important information about the products and its use are gathered for analysis. With automatic synchronization with the scryptoTRACE® server, companies can analyze their supply and distribution chain and the effectiveness of their brand protection measures and strategies accurately and precisely. The modular solution is particularly easy to connect to an existing Track and Trace logistics solution or to allow product serialization at point of printing and assembly.

Jupiter Technologies Private Limited, is a 22 year old Bangalore based company, primarily providing anti-counterfeiting solutions. The entire manufacturing is in house. Products incorporate the latest patented technologies alongside traditional security solutions. Jupiter has established itself as a reliable and dependable supplier of security solutions.

U-NICA Group is a Swiss company headquartered in Malans, Switzerland, enhancing and protecting brand value through easy-to-use product and brand protection solutions. The scalable software solutions allow customers to authenticate, verify and identify their products with mobile applications anywhere and anytime throughout the distribution chain and at the point of sale. By combining digital technologies with patented overt and covert physical security features, U-NICA offers the best of brand protection and customer engagement in one complete solution.

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