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Serialization / Track & Trace systems

Our scryptoTRACE® solution is the new alternative to traditional, high-cost serialization and track & trace systems – enabling you to gather valuable market data for an affordable cost.

Serialization or track & trace solutions work by labeling a product or packaging with a unique product code and number which can be read in the field to check origin and location. Although usually used by logistics departments, such solutions have clear applications for brand protection.

scryptoTRACE® is different because it’s designed specifically for brand protection. It delivers all the functionality and features you need, but without expensive set-up or running costs.

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Our solution

Completely flexible

scryptoTRACE® hidden codes are embedded into print layout, pre-press. Every print batch can hold a different code, and there’s no need to make expensive changes to your production line. A single print layout can also include several hidden codes, including country or origin, supplier number, target market code or a rolling batch number – everything can be freely configured according to your needs.

Easy to use and set up

There’s no need for specialist equipment, verification can be carried by anyone with the scryptoTRACE smartphone app – it’s as easy as taking a photo.
The verification app can also collect all your other machine readable information, including existing EAN barcodes, serial numbers or any other 1D or 2D codes. The product is verified as original only when all information fits together.

Perfect for in-depth market analysis

Another major value-added benefit is that all the information read is transferred in real–time to the central scryptoTRACE® system database. That means your data are available immediately for further analysis.

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