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Document Security

Counterfeiters do everything they can to overcome the security standards of documents. Whilst the counterfeiters develop new techniques, the market becomes flooded with low-level security features that confuse end users. For official channels, it’s therefore important to continually innovate to enhance document protection to raise the technical barriers for the counterfeiters. Ultimately, this targets identity theft and assists in national security and public safety.

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Our Solutions

U-NICA’s security document solutions are ideal for application across the globe.

With nanoTRACE®, official identity documents can be easily verified using a smart phone or passport reader.

Thanks to the secure association of personalized text with the portrait image, any manipulation, e.g. alteration, photo substitution or counterfeiting is immediately recognized.  The protection of personalised data needs to be given closest attention. nanoTRACE® focuses on this task in a reliable, easy-to-verify manner.

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