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Artwork Layout Management

The counterfeit protection strategy in global and heterogeneous organizations must address the usually tremendous number and variety of the product packaging designs. How else could someone judge the product originality based on the packaging design?

The only way to obtain control over this extremely important issue is to get an overview and the details of all available print Layouts.

Our Solution

The fully integrated scryptoTRACE® print layout management module is the perfect instrument to support a solid counterfeit protection strategy.

This module and option within our solution suite allows to configure the specific structure of a large organization for example for brands, product groups, countries, products, variations and stock keeping units. With a configurable role-based workflow it is easy to organize the work seamless within different groups in the organization and with external suppliers and printers. No other tool is needed to manage packaging designs and production information since all data are always up-to-date and available through the web portal.

The artwork manipulation for products which require counterfeit protection is part of the workflow and for that reason guarantees the 100% compliance of the relevant SOPs. Protected data exchange ensuring high data security and availability.

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