Empowering brand value

Solutions for brand protection

Brand value has never meant so much. In a world where brand management is being constantly challenged: from protection to demanding consumer expectations, U-NICA offers digital and physical brand protection solutions and customer centric innovations to create value and develop a brand’s emotional capital and trust.

What’s your issue?

Market analysis

I want to analyze and cross reference the product verification information my agents and supply chain partners gather from the field.

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I need help fighting the global $1.5 trillion trade in counterfeit goods.

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I need support tackling the cross-border movement of gray market products.

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Track & Trace

I want an affordable Serialization/Track & Trace solution that I can use for brand protection.

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Print Layout

I want to globally manage my product artwork with my printers, packaging and label manufacturers.

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I want to allow my customers to verify the authenticity of our products in the field.

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