Innovating for 10 years

Security that offers total brand protection

Our continual development of physical applications build on our existing 300 patents created by our innovation centers. Working across a variety of materials, including plastics, metal, adhesives, varnish and paint, we’re able to bring leading-edge technology to your products. If you'd like to discuss any of these technologies or our emerging range of applications, get in touch.

Physical technologies



Our substrate technologies are particularly suited to large scale organizations seeking a simple and economic way to quickly authenticate their products.

Over the last decade, we’ve developed a range of discreet markers, taggants and inks which are invisible to the unaided eye. Our covert solutions can only be visualized using a special portable reader, available only from U-NICA.




We also specialize in developing visible security features made up of advanced optical effects and holographic structures.

The holographic structures are introduced during injection molding of a plastic part, enabling users to clearly distinguish the authenticity of the product at the point of sale.




Our laser technology – which we are currently developing for full-colour marking of all kind of products – is truly unique. The technology consists of a marking process using special pigments that are bleached by a dedicated multi-laser system. Surfaces are coated during manufacture and can be customised according to your needs following assembly. The laser can also mark the surface through a layer of transparent glass or plastic, adding a tamper evidence element to your products security.