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We’re continually developing new digital technologies for new brand protection applications. If you'd like to discuss any of these technologies or our emerging range of applications, get in touch.

Digital Technologies

Digital text encoding


Our work on digital text encoding technology has involved developing microscopic modifications to text and logos that are not visible to human eye, and can be integrated as hidden code into the artwork layout of products. This modification is invisible to counterfeiters, and can only be identified by a special algorithm.


Digital media watermarking

We’re developing new digital watermarking technology, also known as steganography, which can rigorously defend against various attacks that remove or destroy copyright protection from digital media. Digital watermarking is used to insert invisible data into a digital object, helping to track down digital media piracy and to provide information on the original ownership. Such watermarking technologies can be applied to any kind of multimedia object.


Digital fingerprinting


We’re also heavily involved in researching new brand protection applications for digital fingerprinting technology, which identifies products using unique surface structure on products or packaging that can’t be counterfeited. The physical non-cloneable micro-structures of surface serve as a natural occurring serial.