Leading digital solutions

U-NICA links the physical world with the digital community through its intelligent mobile app and platform

Through our cutting-edge intelligent algorithms and methods we are able to capture all kinds of information from all kinds of different physical objects, products, packaging and labels with a smartphone camera and thus, link the physical world to the digital community.

We are unique and leading the field in capturing information from any physical object regardless of its size, form, shape, layout, material and make.

Our innovative image processing methods allow us to capture information such as random surface structure, object shapes, layout and design of printed products, packaging and labels to identify and authenticate its origin and any deviation on it.

Internet of Products

Analyse, supervise and manage your market with a single strong brand mangement platform

U-NICA’s mobile brand and product protection solution provides a new and easy way to track and monitor counterfeit and gray market issues. Our strong global system platform uses interactions with users, inspectors and consumers right in the field, to analyse product authentication verification results offline which provides valuable information on counterfeit hot spots and gray market movement to brands.

Global Mobile Solution

A powerful global solution

U-NICA’s system is a global platform allowing the capture of information from all kinds of products of different shapes and forms through various high-tech image processing methods and algorithms. Using our highly competitive solution, the physical world (products) is linked with the digital world (the market), allowing new ways of interacting with users and consumers.

The platform contains a base system with various software modules which can be added as options and implemented gradually.

Verification results in the field are displayed offline on a smartphone. All verification results from all users are collected and analysed by the platform. Consumer information, counterfeit and grey market intelligence information are provided to the company.

Global System Architecture

An inexpensive solution to manage large product portfolios

Thanks to its scalable and modular system architecture, U-NICA is able to offer a solution tailored to specific customer demands and a system that provides an inexpensive way to protect large product portfolios efficiently and quickly.

Authentication, product information and consumer interaction can be flexibly and easily tailored to the customer’s needs.

Customers can start with a small budget, test the effectiveness of scryptoTRACE® and scale-up the brand protection coverage at any time with just a click. Just contact us for a fast implementation.