U-NICA announces Change in Management


Alfred Rutz, Founder, Chairman and CEO of the U-NICA Group, a leading technology and innovation company in the brand protection and product authentication sector, resigns from his Board and Executive positions after 14 years. Alexander Rüegg, COO of the company, takes over the responsibility as Chief Executive Officer.

U-NICA Group is a global leader for innovative brand protection and authentication solutions, serving and supporting large global companies in their worldwide combat against counterfeiting, illegal trade and grey market movements. While the company was active as a «Security Solutions Provider» in numerous technology and market segments in the past years, including governmental security solutions, in the future, U-NICA will focus strongly on providing «Digital Security and Authentication» solutions for brand protection purposes, and will divest all non-active innovation and technology areas within other markets.

Alfred Rutz, Founder, President and CEO, has successfully built-up the global security group over 14 years. Due to his upcoming retirement, and change in company focus, Alfred Rutz has resigned from his positions at U-NICA.  Meanwhile, Alexander Rüegg, long-serving COO of the company and Member of the Management Board, has taken over the responsibility as new Chief Executive Officer. Alfred will continue to support Alex in his new role to ensure a smooth transition phase.

"On behalf of the Board of Directors, I want to thank Alfred for his tireless and inspiring leadership of the U-NICA Group over many years", says Alexander Rüegg. "Under Alfred’s leadership, U-NICA has grown from its founding to become a leading digital authentication company with an excellent global market position and cutting-edge product solutions. We are grateful to Alfred for his innumerable contributions to U-NICA’s growth and success we have enjoyed to-date. Alfred has ensured the company is well positioned to take advantage of the great opportunities in our industry today".

"I’m happy that Alex is going to lead U-NICA into the future", says Alfred Rutz. "Alex’s experience in the security market and as management colleague, with whom I shared my vision over many years", will guarantee continuation in executing the company’s strategy and vision. Alex, with his outstanding technical skills and leadership abilities, will serve U-NICA’s customers, employees, and stakeholders very well. I wish Alex and his team all the best for the future. Under his leadership, I am confident that U-NICA will not only continue to maintain its position in the challenging and fast-moving digital world and international markets, but also succeed in further strengthening the company and growing the business".

U-NICA Group is a Swiss company headquartered in Landquart, Switzerland. The company’s aim is to enhance and protect brand value through easy-to-use brand protection solutions that use innovative imaging technologies. The scalable software solution scryptoTRACE® suite allows customers to authenticate, verify and identify their products with Smartphones anywhere and anytime throughout the supply and distribution chain up to the point of sale. U-NICA offers the best of digital brand protection and customer engagement products in one complete solution.

For additional information please contact: Alexander Rüegg, CEO 

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