Unique brand protection, all from one source



Global market penetration and globl scaling of DIGITAL and PHYSICAL brand protection solutions. Achievement of an important Award during CeBit 2017 for the best solution in the category "business intelligence" for our digital solution "scryptoTRACE suite".



Global market development and growth with Company focus on DIGITAL brand protection solutions.



Spin-off of BIOTECH/INK division in Germany into a self standing group. Pull out of the biotech activities and divestment in 2017.



Market entry with first market-proven PHYSICAL and DIGITAL brand protection applications. Establishment of global sales Partner network and own sales force for future global scaling.



Successfull completion of a large and highly innovative industrial LASER co-development project with one of the leading global market player in the Governement security sector. 


Development and market-ready industrialisation of highly innovative key technologies together with leading top market Players and key customers.



Move of headquarters to Malans, Switzerland. Establishment of acquired companies under one holding company and group structure with four technology clusters "PHYSICAL, LASER, DIGITAL, BIOTECH".



Acquisition of early-stage novel and unique technologies, patents, expertise and technology ventures with future large market potential in the brand protection market and security sector.



Market search and analysis of more than 80 innovative technologies. Evaluation and selection of potential targets for technology acquisition.



Foundation of U-NICA in Liechtenstein by Alfred Rutz.