Case Studies

Download our use cases for a short summary of how we have helped our customers to track down product piracy and illicit trade.

Our market relies on a culture of discretion and confidentiality. Our clients' names have been withheld to respect  and protect their anti-counterfeit programs.

Beverage Case Study

Solution: Anti-counterfeit, anti-diversion using spectroTAG
Market: Consumer Goods
Product: Bottled beverages

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Electronics Case Study (1)

Solution: 2-level anti-counterfeit using intraGRAM and spectroTAG
Market: Electronics
Product: Electronic components

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Electronics Case Study (2)

Solution: Anti-counterfeit using intraGRAM
Market: Electronics
Product: Connector for professional entertainment systems

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Chemicals Case Study

Solution: Market analysis with scryptoTRACE
Market: Packaging in Chemical Industry
Product: Pellets for the pest control in agriculture

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Textiles Case Study

Solution: Anti-counterfeit solution using spectroTAG
Market: Textil
Product: High-tech textiles

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Lifescience Case Study

Solution: Anti-counterfeit and system security with scryptoTRACE   
Market: Lifescience
Product: Injection molded plastic consumables

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