About us

Total brand protection, leading-edge technology

U-NICA was founded by Alfred Rutz, an expert in the security of banknotes, in 2004 and since successfully built up an international group of companies.

The broad product and technology portfolio includes exclusively innovative security technologies for the global market, particularly in the field of document security (banknotes, ID, passports and similar safety-critical documents), as well as product and brand protection.

The company, which is headquartered in Malans in Switzerland temporarily holds more than 300 patents worldwide.

U-NICA operates globally and has four locations in Switzerland, and sales offices in Asia and the US.

The company has already implemented several global major projects successfully with renowned industry leaders.

In 2015, the company was restructured and split into two independent groups of companies: U-NICA Holding holds the investments in the U-NICA Group, which mainly deals with physical and digital product and brand protection solutions.



Leaders in forgery prevention

The U-NICA Group is a leading provider of innovative and comprehensive brand security solutions. We specialize in network-based, end-to-end solutions that protect brand name products and documents of value against forgery.

Cutting edge technology

We focus on product analysis, product design, product personalization and product protection, delivering solutions that create real benefits and added value for our customers. That means concentrating on real innovations that shape the product and document industry, not marginal technical developments. Our close collaboration with leading universities and research institutes guarantees a continuous pipeline of unique and groundbreaking technologies at world class level.

Proven track record

We’ve accumulated years of in-depth brand security experience by providing reliable and practical solutions for a wide range of global companies. Key sectors we work in include FMCG, automotive, medical equipment, electronics and packaging.


Since our foundation we have devoted ourselves to entrepreneurship, with focus on the industrialization of our innovations.

We also take pride in the fact that our solutions are practical and are highly reliable at all stages of the value chain.

Bringing these two elements together, our vision is to be always one step ahead of the market by focusing on innovation, reliability and high quality.


Our values reflect who we are: we love what we do, and we promote the skills and abilities of our employees to work and engage in a responsible and sustainable way.

Best practice in corporate governance

Our governance structure ensures

  • correct distribution of roles between the owners and the executive management team;
  • that we adopt appropriate goals and strategies;
  • that those adopted strategies are implemented in practice.

We also ensure that we review the results we achieve to create maximum long term value for our shareholders.