Computer Vision Developer (f/m)


You will be responsible for the development of U-NICA’s leading edge digital security products for well-known brands and consumers in a dynamic and international environment. You can expect a very versatile and demanding job in which you can bring in your own creativity and pursue new solutions.


U-NICA Systems AG

U-NICA is a Swiss high-tech enterprise with competence centers in Switzerland and offices in the United States, and Asia. U-NICA is a leading supplier of anti-counterfeit solutions. This includes physical and digital security solutions that are developed and marketed worldwide to our international customers. The headquarter is located in Landquart, Canton of Grisons (Switzerland).

Ideally, you meet the following requirements:

  • Several years of experience in developing computer vision software (c++, python)

  • Capacity to reach basic cv goals with few existing libraries

  • Courage to question established computer vision algorithms and eventually change their parts

  • Ability to independently implement new features if vision solution requires them

  • Preferably experience with various methods of features extraction and knowledge of their limitations

  • Reasonable knowledge of image acquisition process, optics, light, sensors and

  • Good communication skills in English to discuss and present algorithms or results

Your tasks:

  • Implement algorithm steps of a complex computer vision product (in c++ or prototype in python)

  • Thoroughly test implemented steps and continuously monitor their performance in many aspects

  • Address tests on large image sets and statistical analysis of results

  • Continuously review that performance and suggest their update with more modern versions

  • Review working algorithm parts from memory and speed optimization point of view

  • Follow and document activities on online collaborative platforms

Are you our new computer vision developer?

We offer exciting career opportunities in a dynamic, growing company and a multicultural environment with worldwide presence. Do you feel up to the challenge? We look forward to receiving your application including information on your salary expectations and availability.

We prefer to receive your application via our online form. Alternatively, you can also send us your application by E-mail or postal mail.


Head of Human Resources
Men Ruffner
+41 41 919 99 00
Bahnhofstrasse 37
CH-7302 Landquart




The U-NICA team has one sole purpose, which is to fully maximize our support to you in your fight against counterfeits and any fraudulent activities in order to protect your brand value. We therefore actively shape the future of brand protection by actively researching and developing new technologies. We also take the lead in adopting new solutions early that address specific needs and inspire our clients. We relentlessly pursue perfection to drive the design of the solution suite, to maintain brand and product protection in the long term, to provide intelligence for targeted and effective combat measures, and to be open to other technologies and systems. 




Achieving a strong anti-counterfeiting effect at a global scale requires a collective effort from all affected companies. To achieve this, an open solution suite is required that allows each company to implement its brand and product protection strategy while still contributing to collective anti-counterfeiting efforts. This is our motivation, to create a solution suite that, thanks to its openness and integration capabilities, enables the assimilation of third-party marking and recognition technologies and can be integrated with all types of related applications. In this way, data is consolidated from any source, and targeted and effective measures can be planned both within the organization and, if agreed, beyond the organization, on the basis of a consolidated source of information. On the basis of such data, future global measures can be planned that achieve a high level of effectiveness and efficiency.




It is our task to research technologies, methods and processes, to provide open solutions that allow all those affected to act as allies against a common enemy. Soon, fewer than ten countries will have greater GDP than the global counterfeiting market. Brand and product protection based on a single security feature, as well as individual, isolated measures, have little noticeable effect on the counterfeiting market. We believe that the protection of individual brands is important, but that only a collective effort can ultimately prevail against the global counterfeiting market driven by organized crime.