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What Makes a Complete Product Protection Solution?

Securing the physical aspects of a product cycle is a vital step and its benefits go far beyond the protection of mere components. This article will be discussing exactly how product protection is holistic and what are some steps companies can implement in the fight against counterfeit goods.

What is Product Protection?

Product protection, as opposed to brand protection, is a security tactic focused on applying technical protective measures against product piracy.

This can take several forms, including, but not limited to, transport tracking, knowledge protection, counterfeit-proof labels, and copy prevention.

Product protection in its proper form is a big step toward holistic brand security, but it’s often not taken far enough. Many companies only employ single security mechanisms that don’t do anything to deter the modern counterfeiter.

However, building a product protection foundation that enables companies to grow and adapt to counterfeiters is the best anti-counterfeit strategy.

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Start Small for Some Big Product Protection

Therefore, the best product protection is scalable. This means companies can start by taking a small, but significant, step that can be expanded upon if the data shows further action is necessary.

Rather than putting multiple measures in place right away, companies can take a snapshot of where its security currently stands. This gives them the breathing room to better assess security strengths and weaknesses and decide on the best future framework.

Multiple Anti-Counterfeit Measures mean Headaches for Counterfeiters

Effective multi-tiered product protection can begin small and still give products strong protection. Two of U-NICA’s most cutting-edge solutions, surTRACE® and Digital Security Label™, are part of the scryptoTRACE® suite. These solutions help companies make their product stronger against counterfeiters through different means.

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The Counterfeit Protection from surTRACE®

surTRACE allows you to give your products a unique fingerprint so they can be identified and authenticated anywhere in the world. As unique as a person's fingerprint is, that is the benchmark we want to achieve with a mix of identification tools.

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How Digital Security Label Can Help Against Counterfeiters

Our Digital Security Label will enable you to protect your brand without having to modify your product as it is an adhesive label that can be applied to any type of packaging. The DSL can be tailor-made to fit any shape or form. Once your customers have downloaded our intuitive app, they can check the authenticity of the products they have received. There is no longer a need for special equipment, such as RFID readers, microscopes or UV lamps, to verify your product is genuine.

Two Steps Towards a Stronger Anti-Counterfeit Solution

Above are only two examples of our solutions, but they can make a big difference in your company’s product protection. The integrity of the product increases, boosting the faith of clients at the product touch point.

However, implementing product protection is not the only thing necessary. It is also important to understand the world of anti-counterfeiting thoroughly.

Global Knowledge and Flexibility Enriches Your Product Protection

Spotlighting the weak points in a product chain is a win-win scenario that makes companies both stronger and more risk-aware. By following the proven methodology of the U-NICA Protection Circle, brands can eliminate security weaknesses in the entire value chain that may be costing millions of dollars in counterfeit sales and a damaged brand value.

The U-NICA protection circle works by taking a 360-degree approach to strategic brand and product protection. It’s a way to identify and address weaknesses in the brand value chain through a combination of strategy, intelligence, operations, and technology. This broad-spectrum solution system ensures that brands and products are protected from counterfeiters.

How U-NICA Helps Implement Anti-Counterfeit Solutions

U-NICA’s anti-counterfeit solutions stem from three key points that build into the best anti-counterfeit strategy for each company.


Companies receive better awareness through accessing real-time data gathered by authentication and verification. For example, the geo-location maps help users pin down distribution leakages and steer clear of known counterfeiting zones, both of which enable stronger future decisions.

Ease of Operations

scryptoTRACE® is a fast-adapting, minimally invasive solution that integrates seamlessly into a company’s existing processes, adding its power without operational interruptions.


Since scryptoTRACE® offers multiple technology elements, it gives companies the freedom to take a modular approach to their product protection suite. Each solution is unique to each company’s processes, but it is a bit of a “one size fits all” because brands can integrate this tailored product protection with any other relevant party.


Finally, the three elements above combine into an anti-counterfeit strategy with each being custom made for that specific business’ needs.

Start Implementing Your Anti-Counterfeit Protection Today

U-NICA’s mission is to support companies in the fight to protect the brand’s integrity and value. The team operates globally with a variety of university and agency partners to deliver the future of brand protection. Contact a team member for more information on U-NICA’s constantly evolving open solution suite.

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