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Using Computer Vision to Prevent Counterfeiting

In much of our content, such as our company brochures, product descriptions and LinkedIn posts, we mention the term “computer vision”. Up until now however, we have never taken the opportunity to actually explain what computer vision refers to, and how it can be utilized for anti-counterfeit purposes. 

Computer vision explained

Computer vision is an AI-based technology that allows computers to interpret and gain high-level understanding from visual data, such as digital images and videos. This technology has experienced exponential growth in recent years, and can even be used in a variety of ways to help brands authenticate their products and protect against counterfeiting.

How Computer Vision Helps Prevent Counterfeiting

Harnessing the power of computer vision offers a dynamic approach to combating counterfeiting, enabling companies to proactively safeguard their products and customers. By deploying cutting-edge algorithms, computer vision can swiftly and efficiently detect counterfeit goods through in-depth analysis of digital product images. This innovative technology allows brands to differentiate between genuine and counterfeit items, thus thwarting the infiltration of fake products into the supply chain.

Additionally, computer vision technology serves as a reliable authentication tool, enabling brands to seamlessly verify a product's genuineness. By scanning and analyzing product security features, computer vision offers an effortless and accessible solution to defend against counterfeiting threats.

Furthermore, computer vision strengthens supply chain integrity by tracking and tracing products from their origins to the end consumer. By scrutinizing product labels and packaging, this sophisticated technology enables the creation of a comprehensive digital record detailing a product's journey. This invaluable insight not only exposes potential counterfeiting tactics but also ensures counterfeit goods are stopped in their tracks before reaching the market.

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Leveraging the remarkable capabilities of computer vision, we can bolster businesses against the insidious effects of counterfeiting, preserving brand integrity and shielding consumers from harm. Through state-of-the-art detection, authentication, and tracking solutions, we can construct a robust defense system that actively thwarts counterfeiters and upholds consumer safety.


Brands that want to thoroughly protect their products from being counterfeited and secure their reputation and consumer safety should contact U-NICA today. U-NICA provides scalable product protection solutions that can be implemented with the use of a smartphone. Don’t risk your brand’s reputation and lose valuable customers and millions of dollars to counterfeiters. Speak with one of U-NICA’s experts about how to implement a holistic brand protection strategy tailored to the needs of your business.

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