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Anticounterfeit Strategies for Brand Value and Product Protection

U-NICA provides actionable solutions to help your business combat counterfeit products and the loss of brand value due to illicit activities

Even with all the technologies currently deployed to help combat the sale of fake goods, counterfeits still make up 3.3 percent of world trade. And that number continues to rise.

Half-measures and single-point solutions have failed to stem the tide of brand-sapping counterfeit products. Measures to protect your brand and products and combat counterfeit activities must be integrated and aligned to create a holistic protection plan for your business. At U-NICA, our scryptoTRACE® solution provides just that.

Here’s how our platform combines these strategies into one minimally invasive solution with proven results. 

scryptoTRACE©: the comprehensive solution you need

scryptoTRACE® is U-NICA solution for comprehensive brand protection that’s also cloud-based, offering a holistic view of information for ease of processing and evaluation. This solution provides both brand verification and brand protection, all using a simple verification app on your smartphone, in addition to giving you important analytics about the market.


scryptoTRACE® is an open platform, so you can integrate suppliers as needed and provide a secure space to exchange information between collaborators. You can also add on new or third-party security features and integrate your entire collection of technologies into one personalized protection plan. This technology makes it easy for you to identify counterfeit products right away, giving you the power to launch anticounterfeit measures as soon as possible.


4 Key features of

1. Print layout management

This allows you to view all the security codes for your products and print artwork, and each print layout takes only moments to create. This feature is web-based and multi-lingual, so it can be accessed anywhere. Take advantage of secure uploads and downloads of art files with each transaction tracked in the log file which is automatically backed up. The print layout management features ensure your data is secure but always accessible. 


2. Easy product verification

The mobile app allows for instant product verification, so anyone on your team with a smartphone or tablet can authenticate products immediately. 

You can use the app to verify your products with or without an internet connection. The app will scan for the unique invisible product markers and provide instant verification from anywhere across the globe. This means that a variety of individuals, from consumers to inspectors, can verify products while collecting important user data or GEO-tag information. With the easy product verification that scryptoTRACE® provides, authentication and forgery detection has never been easier.

3. Data stored in a central server

You can use the verification data you gather right away. This data is uploaded into a central scryptoTRACE® server, so it can immediately be turned into real-time insight about global counterfeit activity from any location.

4. Insights about your brand

Because data is collected and stored in one central location, this important information can be analyzed to help you get better insights about your brand and track product movement globally. This is also key information for other parts of your business, including sales and marketing.

scryptoTRACE® works by incorporating an invisible code into your products that can be used to verify whether the product is authentic or not. You can track your products’ movement across markets, continue adapting your brand and product protection strategy, and respond with countermeasures right away. Your brand protection decisions will be backed with more information than ever.

Verifications range from basic to investigator verifications required for forensic analysis. In addition, scryptoTRACE® gives you the ability to continue adapting so you can predict what counterfeiters will do and stay ahead of their changing tactics. Only with this visibility can you protect your brand value now and into the future.

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plastoTRACETM suite for physical product protection

The plastoTRACETM suite from U-NICA offers physical brand value protection with intraGRAM® and spectroTAG®

intraGRAM® is a set of features that uses a nanostructure that’s molded into plastic to protect against product counterfeits. It can also be used for marketing purposes for your business. 

spectroTAG® is an invisible additive that can be applied to plastics and fluids such as ink, varnish, or oil. 

These products give you greater visibility and control over the brand and product protection measures you’re putting into place.

While online brand and product protection solutions are important in our digital world, the importance of physical anti counterfeit measures means that your physical products are better protected. Online product protection just isn’t enough, you need a solution that can verify physical products instantly.

Contact U-NICA to learn more about how our product and brand value protection solutions can help you update your protection strategy to include every aspect of security you need.

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