U-NICA Feb 3, 2020 12:19:33 PM 8 min read

Building a 360-Degree Brand Value Protection Strategy

Brand value protection is closely related to brand and product protection, but it offers a more holistic solution and increases control and security of value creation and all the processes that go into it. The goal is to build a 360-degree brand value protection strategy.

Your brand is the face of your company. When consumers interact with you on social media or view your products, they want to feel like they are supporting a brand that aligns with their personal values and aesthetics. The value of your brand is thus one of the most important factors driving both your reputation and your sales. 

The brand value protection solution from U-NICA will help you protect your brand against the negative effects that can come from value erosion. First, let’s cover what we mean by brand value, and then go over the ways U-NICA can help you protect it and build a holistic brand value protection strategy.

What is brand value?

While the value of your brand is, of course, related to monetary value — from product sales to warranty damages — it also goes further than finances. Brand value is your credibility, reputation, and the integrity and quality of your products. 

These aspects of brand value lead to consumers gaining or losing trust in your products and services, and eventually the brand as a whole. Edelman’s 2019 Trust Barometer Special Report revealed that consumers have to trust a company to keep making purchases: 67% of respondents across eight countries said that while a good reputation could get them to try a product unless they come to trust the company, they’ll stop buying it.

Most of the respondents in the report (81%) said they must be able to trust that a brand will “do what is right” in order to make the decision to buy from them. 

Your brand’s value is thus crucial to ensuring that you connect with your audience, increase sales, foster trust, and continue to grow as a company. 


What is brand value protection?

U-NICA’s solution is comprised of measures that mitigate risk against brand value erosion. Brand protection on its own is a solution that aims to defend the legal rights of the brand, but brand value protection takes that a step further. Brand value protection recognizes how important brand trust is for success and growth, and it includes loss prevention techniques that help you foster trust through product protection as well.

In order to foster trust, your products must be authentic, and thus product protection is another aspect of brand value protection. These measures fight against product counterfeits with product identification and authentication techniques. Communication with your brand’s partners and clients is another important aspect of brand value protection. 

Put simply, brand value protection is a holistic solution that protects trust in your products and brand, thus protecting your brand’s overall value. All these aspects contribute to your brand value, so U-NICA’s protection solution recognizes that it’s not just about each of these individual factors on their own. 

Brand Value Protection Strategy Visual

Key areas that will be defended by brand value protection include:


  • How brand designs and sensitive files are handled
  • How information is exchanged and communicated
  • How partners and suppliers are audited
  • How goods are distributed and the point of sale
  • Cultural and organizational measures, such as compliance and marketing activities

Monetary value is just as important as non-material value. For example, a consumer can view a product and weigh the price with his or her positive or negative feelings about the brand. Because counterfeiters are aware of which brands have more positive associations, they exploit these feelings by selling their counterfeit products. They know that some brands can charge more for a product just because of the value in the brand name, and they take advantage of that fact.

You’ve worked hard to build your company’s reputation. That’s why you need a brand protection tool that will help you secure its value for the long run and a holistic brand value protection strategy.


A brand value protection platform

Your brand needs a solution that combines product protection, brand protection, and brand value protection. It’s not enough to implement a single technology or security avenue. The scryptoTRACE® suite from U-NICA was developed just for this purpose, and it integrates your existing solution into a host of technologies and processes to form one complete, 360-degree brand protection strategy. 

This solution helps you home in on areas of brand abuse, giving you control over your brand value security. The counterfeit market sees little impact from any single security feature or isolated measure used in brand and product protection. While the protection of each individual brand is crucial, U-NICA believes that the global anti-counterfeit market will only improve with a collective effort.

Contact U-NICA today to learn more about all the ways our brand value solution can improve and enhance your brand protection strategy.