U-NICA Feb 20, 2020 3:35:13 PM 10 min read

5 Benefits of U-NICA Brand Value Protection

They say there’s both safety and strength in numbers, that’s never truer than in the fight against counterfeiting. Learn how U-NICA provides the security and power your business needs to protect brand value.

I have two priorities in writing these blogs: To clarify the state of global counterfeiting for our readers and present simple, actionable steps to defend themselves. In this post, I’ll try to achieve both by going over the five most common obstacles to establishing a brand value security strategy and how we overcome them with the U-NICA brand value solution.


1. Gain a partner with multiple perspectives

My previous blog on anti-counterfeiting dimensions highlighted some of the many areas where brands can use holistic counterfeit controls. There are several other areas where brands can make decisions to help secure their products and brand value, and it’s this multi-faceted aspect of security that can discourage brands – particularly those unfamiliar with today’s counterfeiting climate – from taking the first steps to action.


Looking at the risks can be intimidating. Understanding the solutions can be confusing. Partnering with U-NICA helps brands educate themselves in a supportive environment, becoming smarter and safer from day one.

When I say U-NICA clients are safer with us, I emphasize “us.” We’re a team of multi-disciplinary experts all working toward a single goal, sharing our skills between members and becoming stronger as a group. When your brand joins with us, it immediately gains access to that collective expertise as part of the U-NICA Protection Circle.


2. Enjoy easy integration

A second concern for brands is operational disruption. They fear adding new counterfeiting steps will interfere with their existing systems. With U-NICA anticounterfeit tools, our clients gain solution suites designed to integrate seamlessly not only with their own brand’s direct operations, but also externally with those of their partners. 


Taking our scryptoTRACE® solution as an example, smooth integration is complemented by a unique smartphone app that is simple to install and allows users to easily engage with the scryptoTRACE® features for successful product verification and authentication. Our other two counterfeit fighters — intraGRAM® and spectroTAG® — quite literally make protection part of your brand and leave your partners, customers and authorities in no doubt about the value of your product.


They’re all easily integrated to help ensure the ongoing integrity of your brand’s value. Combining these with the knowledge base of the U-NICA Protection Circle creates a multi-tiered strategy and a powerful deterrent against counterfeiters.




3. Create sustainable solutions for lasting relations

U-NICA is a partner which understands that “solution” is an organic word. Counterfeiters are so driven to commit crime that they never stop evolving, relentlessly adjusting and attacking the defenses brands implement. At U-NICA, we believe the word “sustainable” must be attached to every solution. We don’t believe in misleading brands into thinking a one-and-done cure is possible in today’s world.


Our brand value protection approach is grounded in ongoing, real-time data about counterfeiters, their practices and their areas of activity. We provide a non-stop stream of information that gives brands adaptive awareness and the ability to evolve their protection strategies as new threats surface. 


When U-NICA partners with a brand, we develop an ongoing and lasting relationship to defend its value long into the future.


4. Be a brand that’s appreciated for your unique needs

Ask any protection professional and they’ll tell you there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to security. U-NICA services open a portfolio of technologies, allowing for both general-purpose brand value protection and more specialized adaptive measures for specific needs. Our products can be as powerful as your brand needs them to be.


What your brand represents is the rock your business is built on. Protecting its value can be a lot more fluid behind the scenes. Yes, there will be certain core security competencies universally required across your sector. Beyond those basics, U-NICA believes in putting scalability at your disposal so you can adjust brand value protection to match your unique security demands. We consult with our clients on a broad range of solution scenarios to resolve both sector and brand-specific challenges.


5. Unify your entire brand team

It’s been an all-too-common experience in my discussions with brand professionals to discover that they have two conflicting things in common. First, each of these departments within the larger brand whole cares deeply about keeping their brand safe. Unfortunately, they also share a lack of awareness of just how all the other departments plan to do that.


Is brand value protection a legal matter? Partly yes, but too many think that the legal team are the only ones responsible for that protection. Every party, both internal and external, must be equally involved, including marketing, design, production and partners like suppliers and logistics operators right down to the point of sale.


U-NICA can help unite departments with a common security awareness, creating a culture of compliance communication that will have a powerful, positive influence on your brand’s value.


Take your first step with us to stay one step ahead of counterfeiters

Those are U-NICA advantages in five simple takeaways. I’m available for in-depth discussions on partnering with us, and the U-NICA team is always happy to support you with any questions or comments you may have. Click the link below to get in touch.

U-NICA is a team with a single purpose: To support you in the fight to protect your brand’s integrity and value. Our staff operates globally and partners with universities and agencies to deliver the future of brand protection. Contact us for more information on our constantly evolving open solution suite.