Brand insight with real-time market analysis

Transparency is of key importance to develop anti-counterfeiting measures

Most manufacturers know the first level of their distribution chain intimately: they know production time, delivery date, target location and volume. But what happens to your products when they are in the market? Traditionally you might have tried to keep track by using mystery shoppers, but these efforts are usually held back by manual processes and a lack of coordinated data. Overall you get little idea of how your products move across large geographical regions.

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Our solution

scryptoTRACE® allows you to verify products anywhere in the world and gather all the data together for real-time market analysis.

Your operatives simply check the product label or its packaging with an easy-to-use smartphone app. The verification result is transferred immediately to the central database. There’s no paperwork to transfer, so the data are available immediately for statistical analysis, and you get a completely transparent view of gray market movements, counterfeited products, point-of-sales and your delivery chain.

You can also extend the system to product managers and logistics staff – simply grant permission and they can access all the data they need through a secure web-portal.

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