About us

Counterfeiting is organized crime which we refuse to tolerate. We therefore help our clients to fight against it in order to protect brand values and maintain and strengthen the trust in their brands & products.

Who is U-NICA

Founded in 2004 with the goal of bringing the expertise of banknote protection and authentication to other industries, U-NICA further improved the associated methods and technology to make it accessible to all those threatened with forgery.

As technology advanced, U-NICA also progressed to combat counterfeiters. Through a wide range of experiences, U-NICA has discovered that a multi-technology, multi-aspect, and multi-zone protection is the best at battling counterfeiters. This gives you a much higher level of security at a highly affordable price and is superior to any protection solution relying on a single-feature mechanism.

Scientists, engineers and others are cooperating to develop and refine the open solution suite.


The U-NICA team includes U-NICA's own staff but also partners such as the universities, affiliates, and agencies we cooperate with.

The U-NICA Group is a Swiss company, headquartered in Landquart, Switzerland. It operates globally from several locations in Switzerland, the United States and Asia.

U-NICA is fully focused on the digital, non-invasive brand protection solutions and maintains only a very specific heritage business in physical product security.




The U-NICA team has one sole purpose, which is to fully maximize our support to you in your fight against counterfeits and any fraudulent activities in order to protect your brand value. We therefore actively shape the future of brand protection by actively researching and developing new technologies. We also take the lead in adopting new solutions early that address specific needs and inspire our clients. We relentlessly pursue perfection to drive the design of the solution suite, to maintain brand and product protection in the long term, to provide intelligence for targeted and effective combat measures, and to be open to other technologies and systems. 




Achieving a strong anti-counterfeiting effect at a global scale requires a collective effort from all affected companies. To achieve this, an open solution suite is required that allows each company to implement its brand and product protection strategy while still contributing to collective anti-counterfeiting efforts. This is our motivation, to create a solution suite that, thanks to its openness and integration capabilities, enables the assimilation of third-party marking and recognition technologies and can be integrated with all types of related applications. In this way, data is consolidated from any source, and targeted and effective measures can be planned both within the organization and, if agreed, beyond the organization, on the basis of a consolidated source of information. On the basis of such data, future global measures can be planned that achieve a high level of effectiveness and efficiency.




It is our task to research technologies, methods and processes, to provide open solutions that allow all those affected to act as allies against a common enemy. Soon, fewer than ten countries will have greater GDP than the global counterfeiting market. Brand and product protection based on a single security feature, as well as individual, isolated measures, have little noticeable effect on the counterfeiting market. We believe that the protection of individual brands is important, but that only a collective effort can ultimately prevail against the global counterfeiting market driven by organized crime.


In our mission to shape the future of brand protection, we proactively research and develop new technologies and applications. We also take the lead in new procedures and technologies to continuously prepare solutions to an ever changing industry.

Our relentless pursuit to perfection enables us to provide practical and sustainable solutions targeted to effectively combat product counterfeiting. Thus we provide continuous services to those changes the customers may face.

What we’re good at

Solutions that are based on our underlying competencies are particularly sustainable


Sustainable and reliable solutions for brand value and product protection require a broad, clear overview and specific knowledge about how to mix and match features over time.


Focused research and development on selected topics of science in the areas of image acquisition, recognition and evaluation form the core of our own techniques, which we contribute to the protection of brands and products.


We operate in a network of autonomous teams, each focused on a specific area. From the different contexts and backgrounds to the same mission, innovation is always stimulated through active dialog. Respect gives everyone a voice and a value for each vote.

Passion and determination

We act as a team in which our customers and partners also play a decisive role. We are ambitious, we work with passion and do not shy from making mistakes and learning from them. This allows us to advance developments and plan beyond the status quo to offer solutions that are both mature and innovative.

Your Contacts

Highly talented researchers, engineers, software developers, project managers and others who are fully committed, ambitious, passionate and focused are your lion-hearted ally in the fight against counterfeiting.

Alexander Rueegg
Chief Executive Officer
Men Ruffner
Head of Finance and Administration
Thomas Himmelrich
Director of Sales Asia
Serge Heughebaert
Head of Business Development
Markus Rohner
Head of Project Management
Digital security
Tobias Maechler
Head of Project Management
Physical security
Daniela Harr
Head of Customer Service

Careers - We are hiring!

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Our Offices


U-NICA Americas Inc
48 Wall Street, 11th Floor
New York City, NY 10005
United States of America

Phone:  +1 917 522 0336

Europe / Middle East & Africa

U-NICA Solutions AG
Bahnhofstrasse 37
CH-7302 Landquart

Phone:  +41 41 919 9900


U-NICA Singapore Pte Ltd
128 Tanjong Pagar Road
088535 Singapore

Phone:  +65 3138 4114

Our Way

The way from exclusive banknote security to the easy-to-use digital solution for protecting genuine products against counterfeiting, for product authentication and brand value protection.

  • 2004 How we started

    Thanks to our familiarity with banknote security features, we were convinced that there was a market that could make use of these opportunities and would benefit from a commercial use of such technologies for the protection of goods against counterfeiting. This led to the founding of U-NICA in 2004 in Vaduz, Liechtenstein by Alfred Rutz.

  • 2005 to 2009 Where our extensive knowledge comes from

    In the following years, from 2005 to 2009, the first step involved market screening and analysis of more than 80 innovative technologies, valued for their brand value and product protection potential. Depending on their suitability and situation, a selection of unique technologies, patents and knowledge were collected and transferred to application development. In addition, the company structure was adapted and the research and development bundled in four technology clusters called PHYSICAL, LASER, BIOTECH and DIGITAL. To support business growth, all the entities of the company were merged into a new location in Malans.

  • 2010 to 2014 Expand and grow

    With the increased development and attainment of market maturity, the industrialization of innovative key technologies in projects, together with leading companies and key customers, were successfully implemented. Joint developments with leading companies in specific security segments from the laser, physical and digital clusters have led to successful projects, such as in the government security sector, security documents, high-quality plastics and injection molding. The first projects in the digital sector were acquired and designed and the development was driven forward. A sales partner network and own sales team have been set up for the worldwide distribution of this technology portfolio.

  • 2015 to 2020 Holistic approach and comprehensive digital brand value and product protection solution

    With the increasing popularity of corporate digitalization, interest in our digital brand value and product protection solution grew. Due to the increasing demands in this area, a further consolidation was necessary. This further development was rewarded with the CeBIT 2017 award for the best solution in the category "Business Intelligence". A re-consolidation was carried out in 2017 with the company's alignment towards the Digital Brand Value and Product Protection Solution Suite and the maintenance of the existing business with Security Paints, Beats and Intragram.

    Our ambition to develop and strengthen an efficient, affordable, minimally invasive and easy-to-use brand protection, product security and authentication solutions needed additional support. This was achieved by relocating our headquarters to Landquart. Here we can focus on our successful core brand protection solution, the scrytoTRACE® Suite, while remaining a lean and highly networked organization. In addition, this concentration allows us to communicate more effectively, efficiently, spontaneously, and easily across all our domains and units, as well as with our partners and customers.


The first step to fight back - talk to us!

You are turning to us - great. But don’t worry, even though if we’d love to tell you about us and our comprehensive solutions in Product and Brand Value Protection, we will never flood you with phone calls and emails. Instead, we invite you to talk to our Product and Brand Value Protection Business Development about your situation, challenges and goals. We only start further procedures beyond this if you believe that we could be a good fit for you – the decision is always yours to take.


There is more to say

General answers are fine if you need an overview, basic understanding, and some orientation However, other issues require a more targeted and in-depth focus to provide adequate answers. In Blogs we will continuously emphasize specific aspects and comment on them to help you identify your specific context, and help you in your decision-making.