Product and Brand Value Protection

Counterfeiting is organized crime which we refuse to tolerate. We therefore help our clients to fight against it in order to protect brand values and maintain and strengthen the trust in their brands & products.


Our Promise

We enable our customers to fight against counterfeits and organized crime, protect their products and brand values and maintain and strengthen the trust in their brands & products. Our clients always take the driver’s seat when it comes to brand protection.

Our Holistic Solution Approach

Scalable and Easy to Implement

U-NICA Protection Circle©

The U-NICA Protection Circle© combines strategy, technology, operation and intelligence in one holistic approach. The result is a sustainable, scalable, lean and easy-to-implement process with systemic learning mechanisms.

Protection Circle - Want more?

The strategy defines the overall goal for digital product and brand protection. Its boundaries are defined by region, product segment, time, integration and stakeholders. A sustainable strategy for protection against counterfeiting must be adaptable and plan future measures which are defined by insights gained from the analysis of real-time verification data such as distribution, markets, etc. The strategy also defines the level of protection, when and where protection solutions are introduced, whether and how protection is used for specific segments, which user groups are involved, and how to communicate with users and the market. 


To quickly adapt a strategy for product and brand protection, it is essential to choose the right technology from the scryptoTRACE® solution suite, based on a modular system with an open arquitecture. When choosing technology elements, the focus is on the level of protection, type of verification users and fast adaptation, to what extend to integrate with the environment of relevant stakeholders, processes and systems.



Our customers benefit from a lean and easy-to-implement solution with minimal invasive impact on current processes and procedures. The solution can be started small and easily scaled up, adapts fast to new situations and involves stakeholders and the desired user groups. The smooth operation does not require training staff for specific tasks, corporate changes or additional processes. Solutions are designed to be minimal invasive.


Every step has an impact and these dynamics have the potential to teach us a lot. You will gain real time insights through aggregated data derived from verification and authentication processes; through geo-location mapping you can identify counterfeit hotspots, grey market diffusion and leakages during distribution. The valuation of this data will also help decision-making for further product and brand protection measures.

scryptoTRACE® suite

The scryptoTRACE® solution suite provides the architecture and the building blocks allowing to think big and start small. It adapts fast to the solution that exactly fits your needs. With its simple integration and easy to change abilities, it protects, enforces and enhances your products and brand value.


How can we help?

Finding out more about brand & product protection

When faced with the challenge of creating a strategy for brand value and product protection, the required specialist knowledge is often not easily available. We provide you with all details, infos and steps to take to start a product and brand protection project. 


How to launch a product and brand value protection strategy

When implementing a strategy for product and brand value protection, you might face unknown challenges. No matter whether it’s the first project or changes to your current product protection, we can lead you through all aspects, from defining the strategy up to implementation of the solution according to your needs. 


Comprehensive guide about Brand Value Protection

What every brand needs to know when crafting a security strategy. Global manufacturers are under attack from fakes, forgeries and intellectual property thieves. Counterfeiters are launching ever more advanced attacks on physical products and their deeper value. Learn how U-NICA empowers brands to fight back on multiple levels.



Applied Solutions for Specific Industry Needs

Projects we have implemented allowed a diverse clientele to benefit from quick integration into their existing landscape. Beyond this, the solutions allow for a quick adaptation to changing needs such as easy upscale into further geographic regions, expansion to more products, to more user groups as well as continuously strengthen the protection. Thus sustainable boost of the brand value is achieved.

Talk to us, we are ready to back your fight

You are turning to us – great. But don’t worry, even though we would love to tell you about us and the comprehensive solutions we offer, we will never flood you with phone calls and emails. Instead, direct interaction with our brand value and product protection solution advisers will help to configure a solution proposal catered to your needs. We would only start further actions if you believe that we could be a good fit for your business – the decision is yours to take.



In our mission to shape the future of brand protection, we proactively research and develop new technologies and applications. We also take the lead in new procedures and technologies to continuously prepare solutions to an ever changing industry.

Our relentless pursuit to perfection enables us to provide practical and sustainable solutions targeted to effectively combat product counterfeiting. Thus we provide continuous services to those changes the customers may face.

There Is More to Say

General answers are fine if you need an overview, basic understanding and some orientation to support rough planning. However, other issues require a more targeted and in-depth focus to provide adequate answers. We continuously provide answers to detailed questions on specific topics to help our clients in their decision-making.